FA and FSc

At this level the students are treated as adults and given considerable latitude to take responsibility of their career planning and actualization. A foundation for students’ higher education and professional career is built during these years. Our faculty is trained to be committed to excellent levels of teaching and support for our students. We offer exciting opportunities to work with a mix of ICT and project based learning through research driven activities, aimed at nurturing our leaders of the future.


The Intermediate of Commerce programme aims to provide students with a firm grounding in various fields of business studies. This programme allows students to gain initial understanding of the role of financial management in the business firm including the calculations and use of financial ratios. All courses within the programme are designed for a rapidly changing global business environment  with a focus on innovation, market relevance, flexibility and dynamics of international business.


The Intermediate of Computer Science Programme provides a general education in many aspects of Computer Science and Software Development. Computers have revolutionized the way we live today. We depend on computers for most of the tasks in our daily lives now. Consequently, every business now requires computer scientists to keep them up to date with the developments in this field, which has led to an ever increasing demand for computer scientists. The ICS programme prepares the students to become a part of this growing industry.


BA and BSc

Being well equipped with educational resources and requisite infrastructure, Enterprise Colleges have a focus on higher education in an environment conducive to learning. In accordance with the latest educational practices and theories, these programmes have been designed to provide freshmen with wide-ranging learning opportunities. We are confident that these initiatives would bring about positive transformation in our students’ approach to learning. The Bachelors programmes in Science and Art provide advanced knowledge to the students in the chosen subjects after the development of basic subject related skills in the intermediate programme. The basic technical abilities of the students are polished in our positive learning environment under the guidance of our fully qualified, ardent and devoted faculty.


The Bachelors of Commerce degree programme aims to allow students to specialize in various fields of business studies and provide them with a profound understanding of the dynamics of modern business environment. Our programme is designed to deliver subject specific knowledge as well as skills required to excel in the business and commerce industry.